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Here is why Ubisoft cancelled Mike Laidlaw’s King Arthur game

In late 2018, Ubisoft hired Mike Laidlaw. Mike Laidlaw was the creative director of the Dragon Age series. Laidlaw also worked on other Bioware games such as Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

However, and in just a year, Ubisoft fired let go Laidlaw and cancelled his project. And, thanks to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, we finally know the reasons behind this cancellation.

According to Schreier, Ubisoft’s chief creative officer, Serge Hascoët, was the one who cancelled Mike Laidlaw’s King Arthur game.

As Schreier wrote:

“But Hascoët wasn’t a fan of the fantasy genre and set a high bar for the Avalon team in Quebec City, Canada. If they were going to make a fantasy game, it had to be “better than Tolkien,” he told them, according to people familiar with the project.”

This King Arthur game, codenamed Avalon, featured co-op multiplayer world, similar to Capcom’s Monster Hunter games. And, according to ex-developers, the game was progressing well.

Mike Laidlaw and his team tried to salvage the game by pitching new themes. They switched the setting, trying one that was more science fiction and one based on Greek mythology. However, Hascoët shot down all of these ideas.

It’s worth noting that Serge Hascoët is no longer working at Ubisoft. Thus, it will be interesting to see whether the French company will revive this project.

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