Here are some new gameplay details for 3D Realms’ cancelled Aliens game, Aliens: Hadleys Hope

Last month, we informed you about a cancelled Aliens game that 3D Realms has been working on. Aliens: Hadleys Hope was a first-person story-driven PvE multiplayer adventure shooter. And today, in a series of tweets, 3D Realms’ VP Frederik Schreiber shared some additional gameplay details about it.

According to Schreiber, Aliens: Hadleys Hope was pitched as the ultimate Aliens experience. The game looked to build on the premise and potential of its predecessors without sacrificing its horror or action.

As Marines, players would have to work as together as a team. Each marine would have unique abilities. Moreover, the game would feature different classes for the Marines. Naturally the main goal of the Marines would be to kill the Queen and escape the planet.

On the other hand, as the Alien players would start the game deep underground, inside a Terraforming facility. Their first objective would be to spawn an egg, and then a Facehugger. Players would be able to control Aleins via a HiveMind. They would be able to control one unit at a time, and switch between them in real-time. By using the Facehuggers, the Alien player would have to locate Colonists in order to generate Xenomorphs. Once the player has spawned enough Xenomorphs, he would be able to attack and kill the Marines.

John Papadopoulos

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