Hellgate Global is a success in Germany and United States

HanbitSoft has just informed us that Hellgate Global is quite a success and that it has been received with thunderous popularity since it released in Open Beta on June 30th, especially in Germany and United States. Only a month after its release, the servers have already been saturated, and every day there are hundreds of players from all over the world waiting in line for a chance to play.
Right now, 28% of   Hellgate’s user base resides in Germany, closely followed by the United States (13%), Russia (11%), Brazil (9%) and Australia (7%). However, American users may soon be given the opportunity to step up in this ranking: a YNKi channeling service will be provided in the United States starting on August 1st, giving still more players the chance to take part in this epic battle.
Hanbisoft’s CEO, Kee Young Kim said:
“This game is only able to exist because of all of its outspoken supporters. Hellgate was a fantastic game, but it was only with the support of all of its fans that we were able to bring it back from the dead.   Hellgate Global is a testament to the idea that you should never give up on a truly great game.”