Hazard Ops – Third-person Online Action Shooter – Open Beta Phase Launched

Infernum announced today that the open beta phase for its third-person online action shooter, Hazard Ops, is a go. While the closed beta phase of Hazard Ops offered a multitude of co-op and versus game modes, the open beta phase adds a brand new co-op map called “Skull Island”.

“This once peaceful settlement has been completely overrun by mutant soldiers. Whether fighting on land or sea, taking advantage of the terrain will be the key to survival under heavy enemy fire.”

In addition, a new game mode has been added to the game. This new mode is the “King of the Hill” versus mode in which teams of mercenaries fight for the control of strategic locations.

“Striking the right balance between attack and defense, plus taking up the right tactical positions on the map, will be key to emerging victorious in this action-packed mode.”

Players can register now at its official website, download the game, and play instantly.



Hazard Ops | The Challenge HD