Hatred Is Back On Steam Greenlight

Now that’s the spirit Valve. Earlier this week, Valve decided to pull the plug and ban Destructive Studios’ upcoming top-down violent title, Hatred, from Steam. Thankfully, the company reconsidered its decision and decided to re-enable the game’s Steam Greenlight page. 

In short, Hatred is back on Steam Greenlight, and it’s up to the gamers themselves to decide whether this game should be sold via Steam or not.

Now before declaring us crazy Nazis or anything like that, let us say that Valve’s decision was as hypocritical as it could get. You see, we don’t really care about the concept or the content of that game. After all, it’s just that; a game. Censoring a violent game because a company believes it’s not ‘consumer-friendly’ or in order to protect a specific fan-base is simply ridiculous. Especially when other games – like Postal or Manhunt – are being sold without issues on Steam.

The purpose of Steam Greenlight, after all, was to give players the power and endorse games they’d love to play, no matter whether some people are offended by it. So Valve should let the players decide the game’s fate. Plain and simple.

Hatred is currently planned for a Q2 2015 release.

Hatred Gameplay Reveal Trailer (new version)