Hard West – Turn-based Strategy Game With RPG Elements – Gets First Gameplay Video + New Screenshots

Creative Forge Games and Gambitious Entertainment have released a brand new gameplay video for Hard West, complete with developer commentary. Hard West is an upcoming turn-based strategy game with RPG elements and in the demo, the player is tasked with the robbery of a bank. The individually created scenarios always provide players with multiple strategies to get through a level.

This walkthrough showcases the direct but calculated, action-oriented ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ option, resulting in gallons of blood, guts and filthy lucre.

“What this video also showcases is one of the reasons we call this game a ‘Weird West’ adventure, namely, a bunch of demons being summoned by the bank’s terrified staff. Hell-bent on destroying your plucky interlopers, these demons are stronger than their human counterparts, but also more foolhardy, leaving themselves open to righteous GUNishment at the hands of the wiliest tacticians.”

Besides this, you can also equip different power ups to each character in the form of special poker cards that you can collect throughout the game. These will even combine/stack to provide new powers, so it’s a very deep game that provides players with a multitude of strategy options.



Hard West - Bank Robbery Gameplay With Developer Commentary