Halo Reach PC will have unlocked framerates at launch, will have improved mouse input

A lot of PC gamers were concerned about the PC version of Halo: Reach. After all, 343 Industries was planning to lock its framerate at 60fps. According to the team, the unlocked framerate introduced some issues during the latest flighting, which is why it was planning to lock it. However, the team was able to sort these issues out, and the game will ship with support for variable framerates.

As the 343 Industries stated:

“VFR in Halo: Reach on PC created a variety of negative side effects and issues. These issues ranged from increased mouse input delay (which is the opposite of what should happen) to instability. The team has been hard at work on fundamental improvements which are showing very promising results in Ring 1/2 flighting.”

As such, and thanks to these improvements, Halo: Reach will support variable framerates at launch.

Furthermore, the team is currently investigating and iterating on multiple ways to further improve mouse and keyboard input between now and launch.

“Our early results from initial testing from Rings 1 & 2 are very promising and the team has confidence in how these investigations are progressing. We’re committed to making this a great PC experience and will continue iterating on mouse & keyboard changes. We’ll be also flighting them post-launch if there is any need.”

As such, 343 Industries feels that overall mouse input will be greatly improved over what many experienced in Flight Three.

Last but not least, the team does not plan to make any changes to the controller aim assist. This obviously means that those who connect a controller in order to play the game will have an auto-aim assist functionality.

Halo Reach is coming to the PC on December 3rd!