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Halo Reach PC closed beta to be playable at Microsoft Store Fan Celebrations E3 2019 event, June 9th [UPDATE: it won’t be playable]

Now here is a pleasant surprise. Even though Microsoft and 343 Industries have not announced anything yet about the promised closed beta phase for Halo Reach PC, a new Microsoft Store event listing suggests that the beta will kick off next week during E3 2019.

As the event listing suggests, Microsoft’s Stores will host dedicated “Fan Celebrations” and attendees will be able to participate in the closed beta for Halo Reach on PC, watch the E3 briefing and compete in Gears of War afterwards.

Do note that you’ll have to attend this Fan Celebrations events in order to get access to the PC closed beta phase of Halo Reach. Moreover, this does not mean that the flighting program will begin alongside these small closed beta testings (though it seems possible).

Still, the good news is that the first “public” Halo Reach PC Closed Beta testing is right around the corner so the flighting should, theoretically, begin sometime in June 2019.

Stay tuned for more!


Microsoft Store got in touch with us in order to clarify the aforementioned info. According to the team, the information is based off of an inaccurate event listing which it is currently correcting and updating. Halo Reach PC Beta should not have been included, as there are no plans at this time to have the demo available in stores. In short, there won’t be a PC beta demo to try at all the Microsoft Stores during the Fan Celebrations E3 2019 event.