Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6 is now available for download

The moment a lot of Halo PC fans have been waiting for has finally come. After two years, the team behind ElDewrito has released a new version of its amazing mod for Halo Online that is available for download right now.

ElDewrito is a community-made mod for Halo Online allowing multiplayer games to be played in player-hosted servers and aims to restore removed features, fix bugs and glitches, and add mod support. This mod has multiple server browsers, player and emblem customization, stat tracking, ranked and social servers (as well as an in-beta ranking system). Anyone can host custom servers – as a host player, or with a built-in dedicated server functionality, along with map/gametype voting functionality.

Version 0.6 adds dual wielding and equipment support, rewrites its input system, adds official Ranked & Social servers, fixes grenade drops, fixes ragdolls falling through objects, adds XInput controller port setting and changes 3rd person FOV.

Those interested can download Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6 from here or here, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6 Release Notes

Gameplay improvements

  • Dual wielding!
  • Equipment!
  • Input system rewrite
  • Fixed bindings sometimes getting wiped on start or not saving in some circumstances
  • Fixed controller users being unable to exit vehicle passenger seats
  • Fixed some issues with Halo 3 menu input
  • Fully configurable controller settings
  • Input.ControllerPort command to change which controller is used by the game
  • Players can now switch teams in the lobby using Q and E on the keyboard
  • Spectating other players after death
  • Sprint and assassinations are disabled by default

Network Improvements

* Official Ranked & Social Servers

  • Official servers will play playlists like what was on Halo 3’s playlists.
  • Official servers will be marked by a verified icon through the default and halostats browser.
  • Player stats can be viewed in game (optional)
  • Global & Per-Playlist Leaderboards (Is subject to change)
  • All custom games will have their stats saved and be viewable.
  • Added UPnP support. No more port forwarding unless your router doesn’t support UPnP!
  • Dedicated servers with automatic map voting
  • Server browsers can now tell if the client is trying to connect to a server and will notified if the connection fails.

UI Improvements

  • Ingame UI has been nearly completely replaced.
  • Server browser opens ingame now.
  • [Welcome screen (Can be disabled with Game.SkipTitleSplash)]
  • [New chat](http://medsouz.net/screenshot/2016-07-04_18-00-54.png)
  • [New console](http://medsouz.net/screenshot/2016-07-04_18-01-22.png)
  • [Working loading screens](http://medsouz.net/screenshot/2016-07-04_18-00-29.png)
  • [New scoreboard](http://medsouz.net/screenshot/2016-07-04_18-01-42.png)
  • [Built in voting UI for dedicated servers (NOTE: will be redone before release!)](http://medsouz.net/screenshot/2016-07-04_23-49-17.png)
  • [Postgame stats screen (replaces the endgame podium)](http://i.imgur.com/fZJ8YDI.jpg)
  • Medals have been rewritten from scratch to support the new web renderer
  • Forge UI has been CEFified allowing for much easier forging.
  • It is possible to theme the UI, but these will not be supported by us.

H3UI improvements

  • Fixed dual wielding ammo rendering
  • Removed the broken ability buttons and meter
  • Added “Local Games” button to the main menu (LAN browser)
  • Replace the blank map picture in lobbies with a picture for the lobby type
  • Fixed name rendering for highlighted players in the lobby roster

Map & Gameplay Fixes

  • Now able to place 2 times the amount of forge objects per map.
  • Changed number of unique items per map to 256
  • Added toggle to Phase or Unphase objects.
  • Added Map Modifier to change Forge map settings.
  • Added player size trait
  • Added game variant setting to toggle player nametags
  • Added Forge Object to set prematch camera position.
  • Added Dynamic Lights, and weather effects to forge.
  • Added ability to change skybox to another maps skybox
  • Added Ability to change materials for forge objects.
  • Added a massive amount of new forge objects (Complete List, Pictures)
  • Added RGB Forge Lights, Screen FX, New Forge Pieces.
  • Added snap rotation to forge objects including prefabs
  • Added forge kill volumes
  • Added options to remove invisible walls and kill barriers
  • Added forge grab distance variable
  • Forge Limit was increased.
  • Added quick search to forge
  • Fixed Airlifts on The Pit
  • Fixed Assault Bomb HUD.
  • Fixed random crashing on The Pit
  • Fixed glitch preventing the DMR from spawning on Forge maps -Zedd
  • Fixed Hornet markers
  • Fixed Map Variant Placements
  • Weapon Recoil has been fixed.
  • Duel Wielding has been fixed.
  • Fixed Dual Wielding animations.
  • Restored H3 weapon & Equipment placement on all classic Halo 3 maps
  • Restored Guardian mini lift.
  • Removed Game Over descriptions
  • Removed XP and Rank from podium and scoreboard.
  • Fixed Multi-Team

Quality of Life Changes

  • Command line arguments
    -connect and -password command for connecting to servers on startup
    -instance command to allow multiple instances of the game to run from one directory
  • General fixups on the Halo 3 UI.
  • Fixed Lobby colors.
  • Added Game Settings option in lobbies. -Zedd
  • Change 3rd person FOV.
  • Added XInput controller port setting
  • Added Discord Rich Presence. Support for Discord Overlays Ability to invite people to your server via Discord
  • Added Local Games browser to mainmenu -Shockfire
  • Added Airglow 1.6
  • Added scoreboard biped to Reactor
  • Changed main menu music to a more suitable track
  • Copied Vehicle, Weapon, Equipment and Teleporter Forge palettes to every map.
  • Fixed Reloading animations while sprinting. -Camden
  • Fixed hud outline placement.
  • Fixed dual wieldable weapon huds for left weapon.
  • Restored leave game button in pause menu, added game option button to show Halo 3 pause menu. – Thx Shockfire
  • Restored Scaleform Respawn timer
  • Disabled player input during podium screen
  • Removed cost and item limit for all forge items.
  • Removed all references of Elites and Female spartans.
  • Removed scaleform pregame intros, restored Halo 3 intros
  • Removed notification box from the mainmenu.
  • Removed consumables from Spartan HUD
  • Removed startup menu sounds.
  • Removed match near completion music.
  • Fixed H3UI on ultrawide monitors
  • Chat will highlight your name when it is said in-game
  • Fixed Edge Drop
  • Fixed grenade drops
  • Added toggle for flag juggling spam.
  • Fixed Joining on an in progress match
  • Fixed Service Tags
  • Added a Command for Custom HUD colors
  • Fixed Ragdolls falling through objects
  • Restored H3 weapon spread
  • Added Game.ShowFPS Command
  • VoIP overhaul no longer uses Teamspeak, instead uses WebRTC
  • Flashlight is now operational in multiplayer
  • Players can now disable hitmarkers even if the server has them enabled
  • Added push to talk noise toggle in settings
  • Fixed audio lag (this may need more info, unk?)
  • Fixed monitor crosshair position
  • Dedicated server optimisation
  • Ability to center crosshair independently for first and third person modes

John Papadopoulos

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