Halo Infinite new feature

Halo Infinite’s latest patch prevents owners of GPUs with less than 4GB of VRAM to play the game

343 Industries has recently released a new patch for Halo: Infinite that prevents PC gamers of specific GPUs to launch it. So, if you have a GPU that has less than 4GB of VRAM, you should know that you can no longer play the game. Yes, even if previously you were able to, the game’s latest update will prevent you from even starting it.

In theory, owners of the GTX1060 3GB will be the ones that will mainly experience this issue. After all, that particular GPU is more powerful than the minimum required GPU that 343 Industries has listed.

Now in case you haven’t been paying attention, Halo: Infinite’s recent update also added the promised ray-traced shadows. Unfortunately, though, these RT shadows are as underwhelming as they can get.

Halo Infinite Ray Tracing Confirmed

Anyway, this is mainly a PSA to let you know about this restriction. So, before purchasing its single-player campaign, you should make sure that your GPU has enough VRAM!