Guile’s theme from Street Fighter 2 on violin

Street Fighter has some of the most memorable themes. Ken’s theme is a rock solid track, while Ryu’s is all about relaxing. And who can forget Guile’s theme? Once you hear this theme, it gets stuck in your head for hours. Just look around and you will see lots of videos featuring this particular theme as… well… it pretty much goes with everything. Naturally, a lot of people requested Lara to give it a shot. Who is Lara you ask? Lara is a talented girl that made covers for lots of videogames. What’s really great about Lara also is that she plays the songs by ear as there aren’t any sheets from most videogame tunes. And since we love Ken’s theme, we decided to also include the main menu theme from the HD remake of SSF2T. Enjoy!
Lara plays Guile's theme from Street Fighter on violin

Super SF2 Turbo HD Remix Menu (Clamato Fever)