Guild Wars 2 – First Update Dated & Detailed

Guild Wars 2 v2
ArenaNET has revealed that the first major update for Guild Wars 2 will go live on January 28th. In addition, the company has also unveiled that its MMORPG title has surpassed three million registered users/activations, suggesting that its title was a success. Which is good news since Guild Wars 2 is considered one of the best – if not THE best – MMORPGs of 2012.
According to the press release, the first update of Guild Wars 2 will feature:
• A new storyline will play out over the coming months, one that all players can enjoy
• New achievement currency for daily/monthly achievements and new items you can buy with the new currency. There will also be rotating daily achievements every day of the week
• Guesting to allow playing with friends on different worlds.
• One Week, Two-Team PvP Tournaments and a new PvP Map permanently added to the rotation
• Several more game improvements and balancing enhancements
ArenaNET will unveil more details about this upcoming patch later today, so we’ll be sure to update this post the moment we hear about them.
Guild Wars 2 Trailer - Our Time is Now