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GTFO gets massive update “Infection” on March 31st, bringing new levels, new enemies and more

10 Chambers Collective has announced that a massive new update will come out for GTFO on March 31st. This new update will bring to the game new levels, new enemies and new weapons. In order to showcase these new features, the team has also released a new video that you can find below.

GTFO is a 4-player co-op action/horror FPS game for hardcore gamers looking for a challenge. The game takes place in a terrifying underground facility called “the Complex”, where your team’s survival relies on your ability to communicate, coordinate… and count your bullets.

In the video, you can see the group of four pursuing the objective to locate a “TERMINAL_546” and from that, establish an external uplink. It’s up to the team to find out how to get to this terminal; GTFO doesn’t give many clues such as waypoints or directions. Finding your way involves looking for signs on walls and doors, and accessing data hidden in computer terminals scattered across the facility.

Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers, said:

“GTFO doesn’t hold any hands and places demand on cooperation from the start; communicate with your team to find out if they see any signs on the walls or doors, to make progress. On this particular expedition, players need to work together to establish an external uplink from a terminal. One team member will need to type in commands that are only visible on the screens of the three other players – who will need to shout them, while also combating an onslaught of monsters. As you can see in the video, it gets intense.”

Visible in the video are also two new weapons: A machine pistol and a burst rifle. When the update is released on March 31st, it will also include a total of 10 new expeditions. Players will have to unlock some of them though.

Simon Viklund, co-founder of 10 Chambers, added:

“The update will include 10 new maps in total but we’re trying out an exciting new feature, Warden Restriction. When we release the update, it will have a number of the expeditions locked. When a certain number of people have completed the tiers that lead up to those expeditions, the locked ones will become accessible. We hope this will encourage even more help and engagement between our community members!”


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