Ground Control Anthology Available Now On Steam

Rebellion has published Ground Control Anthology – which includes the original Ground Control and its Dark Conspiracy expansion – and Ground Control II: Operation Exodus on Steam, bringing the series’ classic mix of real-time strategy and action to a whole new audience of commanders.

Both games are available separately, or you can buy them together for less in the Ground Control Collection. And for the first week of release, you can pick up any of Ground Control Anthology, Ground Control II: Operation Exodus and Ground Control Collection at a 10% discount.

Ground Control Anthology is available now for $4.49 / £3.59 / €4.49. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is available at the same price. Ground Control Collection is priced at $8.09 / £6.29 / €8.09.

Rebellion will continue to publish classic strategy titles on Steam this summer, with Empire Earth, Empire Earth II, Empire Earth III and Lords of the Realm III all due for release soon.

Ground Control Anthology - Official Steam Launch Trailer

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus - Official Steam Launch Trailer