Grim Dawn, action RPG from the creators of Titan Quest, has sold 500k copies

Crate Entertainment has announced that its first title, Grim Dawn, has recently passed the half-million mark in sales on PC. Grim Dawn was developed by the same people that were behind Titan Quest and after an extensive Early Access period, the game was fully released four months ago.

As the press release reads, more than two years after its initial debut on Steam Early Access and now four months after its full release, Grim Dawn remains one of the top 100 games by sales on Steam; with a 93% user rating and a Metacritic meta-score of 83%.

With no outside investors or publishers, the financial success of Grim Dawn will remain with the studio and fund future projects. The team is currently working on “Crucible,” a new game mode for Grim Dawn, along with a full expansion and a yet unannounced new project.

Grim Dawn Release Trailer (Feb 2016)