3DNES – amazing NES emulator that transforms every NES game into a 3D retro game – is now available

Tran Vu Truc has finally released a standalone download-able version of his amazing 3D NES emulator, 3DNES. As the title suggests, this emulator turns every NES game into a 3D retro title. The 3D effects are gorgeous, though there are some issues with some games.

Here are the key features of 3DNES:

  • Participate in the evolution of the 3Dification technology
  • Play nes games with the true 3D graphic
  • Play with any resolution supported by your PC, window or full screen mode
  • Mono or Stereo Sound
  • Customize the graphic whatever way you want
  • Share your customization with the community.

3DNES does not require a high-end PC in order to be enjoyed. According to its creator, this emulator will run fine in any 4,5 year old computer without any problem.

This emulator was previously available only via browsers. Thankfully, Tran Vu Truc has released a standalone version. This basically means that everyone can go ahead, download, and enjoy their NES games like never before.

You can download this emulator from its official website.

Have fun everyone!

3DNes - PC Build - Tetris Game Play

3DNes - PC Build - Super Mario Bros Gameplay

3DNes - PC Build - SpyHunter Gameplay

3DNes - Tutorial Part 1 : The Basics

3DNes - Tutorial Part 2 - Dealing with animations

3DNEs Tutorial Part 3: Solid Background

3DNEs Tutorial Part 4: To correct something, destroy it first