GRID: Autosport – PC Is Lead Platform, Will Feature 4K Textures, Comments On “Next-Gen” GRID

Codemasters has just revealed the next installment in the GRID series, and we have some new information regarding its PC version. According to NeoGAF’s ‘CodiesLoore‘ (a Codemasters employee), PC is the lead platform for GRID: Autosport.

As CodiesLoore claimed, GRID: Autosport on PC won’t be a mere port as the PC is the lead platform for it. Not only that, but the PC version will sport 4K textures that will be exclusive to that particular version.


But what about “next-gen”? Well, according to CodiesLoore, Codemasters does not want to rush things and deliver a game running at only 720p/30fps.

Next-gen GRID will come in time, we’re not going to rush that and get a game that can only run at 720/30 or something similar, next gen has to look and feel like ‘next gen’ for us.


This claim proves that the Codies needs to rework their engine, something that will – most probably – benefit the PC version of the next-gen GRID title too.

The big question now is whether or not the PC version of GRID: Autosport will be a showcase of what console gamers can expect from a next-gen GRID game.