Grand Theft Auto V – Script Hook Library Opens Up Modding Possibilities

Modder ‘Alexander Blade’ has released its script hook library for Grand Theft Auto V. This library basically allows players to use GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins, meaning that mods will be coming very shortly to Rockstar’s open-world title.

Those interested can download this library from here.

This is huge news for GTA V mods, as via this library we may get those highly anticipated Iron-Man, Spiderman and Hulk mods that were already released in GTA IV.

What’s also great with this library is that Script hook disables custom scripts when player goes Online (as a means to protect gamers from being banned).

Alexander has also released a video, showing an example of what can be done using scripts.


Those interested can purchase this title from GreenManGaming!

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