Grand Theft Auto V feature-2

Grand Theft Auto V Profile Returns In AMD’s 13.30Beta Drivers

A couple of months ago, we informed you about the presence of a GTA V profile in AMD’s Catalyst drivers. Most of us thought that it was just a placeholder and nothing more, however AMD had removed that profile from its Catalyst drivers after that discovery. Fast forward a couple of months and here we are today with the return of GTA V’s PC profile in AMD’s latest BETA drivers.

As Guru3D’s member ‘ELCID777’ revealed, AMD’s 13.30 Beta drivers feature a profile for Rockstar’s open-world title. According to¬†ELCID777, this GTA V profile¬†wasn’t in any other driver released since October (yes yes, he went on and checked every version in order to be sure).

gta v amd profile

Now this will spark a lot of questions. Why was GTA V’s profile removed from all previous versions of the Catalyst drivers? Why is included in this latest BETA version of it? Is Rockstar working on a PC version? Why Take 2 took down the rumored_to_be_fake PC video of GTA V?

The fact that GTA V is again present in AMD’s drivers does not confirm anything at this point. Still, it hints towards a possible announcement.

Stay tuned for more, and special thanks to our reader ‘SickSilvo’ for informing us!