Grand Theft Auto V – Mod Awesomeness – Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook Mod Released

Now this is why we love mods. JulioNIB, the modder that brought us Iron Man, Hulk and Watch_Dogs mods for GTA IV, has released a new mod for GTA V that introduces a grappling hook inspired by Just Cause 2. And it looks glorious.

Those interested can download the mod from JulioNIB’s blog.

In its current version, players can attach hook to buildings, peds and vehicles, attach multiple entities (shoot and hold aim), fly to the hook attach position on building or vehicles (shoot and release aim), pull peds with hook (shoot and release aim) and use parachute while in mid air (while flying to hook position).

JulioNIB plans to let players steal vehicles while standing on their roof, steal helicopters while “hooked” to the heli and attach objects too in a future version of this mod, making it a perfect Just Cause 2 alternative.

Here are some screenshots and a video.


GTAV Mods - Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook

Those interested can purchase this game from GreenManGaming.

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