God of War feature

God of War’s director would love to see the game on the PC, but this decision is above his paygrade

The PC version of Death Stranding surprised some gamers that were expecting it to be purely exclusive on Playstation 4. However, it appears that other PS4-exclusive developers would also like to see their games on our platform. One of them is the director of God of War, Cory Barlog, who claimed that love to see the latest GoW game on the PC.

Now while Barlog would love to see a native PC version of God of War, he did state that such a decision is above his paygrade. In other words, this is something that only Sony can approve and we are pretty sure that this won’t happen anytime soon.

Barlog claimed that, unfortunately, he is not Kojima who can freely release his game on our platform. However, we do have to note that Kojima Productions originally announced Death Stranding as a PS4/PC game. On the other hand, God of War has always been a Playstation exclusive series.

Now while Sony has been really friendly to the PC platform, I don’t expect it to release its first-party titles to it. In other words, PC gamers should not expect to get Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War or Gran Turismo. However, other games – like perhaps Spiderman – may one day find their way on the PC. Let’s not forget that both Detroit: Become Human and Journey came out on the PC.

So yeah, while I don’t expect the Playstation-exclusive series to ever come out on the PC, we may see more PS4-only games releasing on the PC in the future. After all, we are certain that most developers would want to see their games on as many platforms as possible.