Glitch is a web-series dedicated to video-gamers; ever wished your life to be like a video-game?

The Burger Orchard (Glitch) team has just informed us about the Glitch, a web-series that is dedicated to video-gamers. As its description reads, Glitch is a comedy webseries by geeks, for geeks, a love-letter to nerd and geek culture, and there are references to Star Wars, Final Fantasy VII, Star Trek and other games.
Glitch is a twenty-something game tester who is going through the usual quarterlife crisis when he makes a wish that his life was more like a video game.
According to the team, the first season of Glitch consists of six full-length episodes, plus more than 20 “bonus life” mini-sodes, conversational comedic riffs on everything from violence in games to ironic convention goers. The episodes were filmed earlier this year and the season finale will be released this Monday, November 19th.
Glitch Original Pilot (Old version)

Glitch s01e02 - "Game Night"

Glitch s01e03 - "The Day of Fail"

Glitch s01e04 - "Nerd Lent"

Glitch s01e05 - "The Crazy One"

Glitch s01e06 - "The One Where Everybody Loses Their Job"