Ghostwire Tokyo in-game screenshot 2

Ghostwire: Tokyo will support DLSS, FSR, Ray Tracing Shadows & Reflections on PC

Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to PC on March 25th and we finally have some tech details about it. From the looks of it, the PC version will support Ray Tracing for Shadows and Reflections. Moreover, it will support both NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR techs.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be using Unreal Engine 4 and will have a respectable amount of graphics settings. From the looks of it, though, it will not have a FOV slider or an option to disable Chromatic Aberration. Nevertheless, and since this is a game using UE4, we’ll most likely see mods that will fix these issues.

Below you can find the game’s graphics settings. For what it’s worth, Bethesda and MS have not provided us with a review code. We’ve already purchased the game and we’ll be testing the final PC version once it releases.

Ghostwire Tokyo PC graphics settings-1Ghostwire Tokyo PC graphics settings-2

Lastly, here are the official PC system requirements for it. You can also find here a video, showcasing 18 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks WCCFTech