Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Patch 1.2 introduces more problems than fixes

That’s hilarious. Like most Ubisoft PC titles, Ghost Recon received a day-one update. This update is said to improve stability in online multiplayer matches, voice chat quality for PCs running Windows Vista, and navigation through game’s menus. However, it seems that this patch brings more problems and issues than fixes, as PC gamers are being forced to use low resolutions and face various issues that have been introduced.
According to reports, and after facing the same issue ourselves, this new update locks the in-game resolution to 720p. It doesn’t matter if you select a higher resolution or if you edit the config file – the game will still run at 720p. This is a global issue and not a bug that a couple of gamers are facing with this game.
Other reports suggest that the mouse is not working after the update, performance takes a hit for no apparent reasons, mouse acceleration issues, and various lock-ups on systems with both Nvidia and AMD cards.
It’s ironic but you’d expect to see those issues resolved as the PC version was delayed in order to be polished. Well, that’s what Ubisoft stated but we all know the real reason behind the delay.
European gamers should be delighted as they may not encounter those issues when Ghost Recon: Future Soldier becomes available on their region, this Friday.
For all North American gamers, we strongly suggest blocking the auto-updater and running the 1.0 version of Future Soldier!