Get The Most Out Of Arma 3 – Zoombies is an Arma 3 port of DayZ

ArmA III v4
Well, you gotta love modders. DayZ was one of the best mods for ArmA 2, and we cannot wait for its standalone version. However, some people decided to port this stunning mod to Arma 3 and name it Zoombies. Before criticizing them, know that they pay full respect to DayZ and they are not trying to gain popularity over Rocket’s work. As the team stated, this is just an Arma 3 port of DayZ and nothing more.
What’s interesting here is that Zoombies is reported to be running better than DayZ in ArmA 2. Well, this should not surprise us – as ArmA 3’s engine has been further improved and optimized – however it still proves our claims about the performance of that engine when it was used in some older titles of Bohemia.
Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that you will need a copy of both ArmA 2 and 3 in order to play it.