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GDC State of the Industry: PC Remains Top Platform For Developers, Surpassing Both PS4 & Xbox One

As you may already know, PC gaming is far from dead. In fact, PC gaming was never at the brink of extinction, despite what some publications or erroneous reports claimed a couple of years ago. And today’s GDC’s reports further strengthen the belief that PC gaming is among the healthiest platforms out there.

According to GDC’s 2015 State of the Industry Survey, 56% of survey respondents said their current game will be released on PC.

In case you’re wondering, only 29% of developers surveyed said they expect their next game to be on PS4, and 24% of respondents expected it to be on Xbox One.

This basically means that even if we were to combine the statistics of these two current-gen consoles, we’d still not be on par with the PC numbers (though they’d be real close).

Interesting enough, ‘mobile’ gaming is also going strong as 50% of developers surveyed respondents said their current game will be released on smartphones or tablets.

And that is that. PC gaming is not going anywhere and with all the console-only developers starting supporting it, we can expect it to further flourish in the coming years!