Gas Powered Games – developers of Dungeon Siege & Supreme Commander – announces Wildman

Gas Powered Games, the team behind Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander franchises, has announced a new Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming RPG/RTS hybrid, Wildman. Wildman promises to take everything that made those two aforementioned games stand out, and improve them. In addition, there will be some influences from another game of GPG’s that – more or less – flopped, Demigod.
The team aims to raise $1.1 million dollars in 32 days, and there are already 176 backers who have pledged $8.600 dollars. We should also note that Brian Fargo is supporting this particular Kickstarter campaign.
In Wildman, players will be able to build their armies and fight against opposing champions armies for great rewards in hand-crafted War Zones. In addition, players can steal technology from their defeated opponents and use it against them in future battles.
Wildman also promises to be packed with RPG Adventures in amazing and epic environments in which players can discover secret dungeons, fight battles against rampaging hordes of monsters, find and equip new weapons and armor.
The game will also feature advanced physics and destructible environments deliver highly visceral (and bloody) combat.