Garry’s Mod surpassed one million sales

Garry Newman has just announced that his mind-blowing mod has already surpassed one million sales. As Garry said on his site, although it can’t be compared with Minecraft’s sales, it is a pretty big deal for him considering this all started off as a tiny tiny modification about 6 years ago. In fact, this is more than he could have ever expected or wished for.
Garry thanked Valve & Steam – which basically made Garry’s Mod technically feasible. Moreover, he admitted that there have been countless contributors to Garry’s Mod over the years – whether it be people directly editing the code, submitting bug reports and fixes, creating mods, movies, screenshots, comics.
Last but not least, Garry had a secret update that he has been working on that was bound to be released when he’d hit the 1 million milestone. However, the update is not ready yet but he promised to release when as soon as it’s finished.