Here is how Doom3 would look like if it was ported to the Doom Engine

Okay, you’ve seen some Doom 3 mods that tried to recapture the feeling of Doom’s 2D versions, like the Classic Doom. But have you ever wondered how Doom 3 would look like if it was ported to the original Doom engine? Well, here comes DeathFactoryX with his Revenge Of Evil TC mod for GZDoom. And let us tell you that it looks very close to Doom 3. We should note that the resources were created by Doomero and not the mapper. You can enjoy a video with the finished Map 01 for the TC “Revenge Of Evil” after the jump. Maps 02, 03,and 04 are currently on the drawing board and a playable demo might be made available after the completion of five maps.
Revenge Of Evil - Sector 1