Final Fantasy XV PC screenshots header image

Gamestop May Have Possibly Leaked Final Fantasy XV for the PC

It appears that Gamestop may have possibly leaked the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. As we can clearly see, the PC logo being included in Final Fantasy XV’s background ad. Whether this is Gamestop’s fault or not remains to be seen. From the looks of it, the store may have leaked the PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

All you have to do is visit Gamestop’s homepage in order to see the ad. We expect Gamestop and Square Enix to update this ad in due time, therefore we captured an image.


My guess is that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will be announced after the console release. After all, Square Enix has already scheduled other Final Fantasy games to hit Steam this year. In other words, it wouldn’t make sense – from a business perspective – to announce the PC version right here, right now.