Gamers will have to pay $27,000 in order to get almost all ships in Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium has launched a new pack for Star Citizen that costs $27,000. Yeap, you read that right. The Legatus Pack offers almost all craft in the game – 117 craft and 163 extra items and costs $27,000.

Not only that, but you can view its page only if you have already spent $1,000 on Star Citizen. Ridiculous? Exactly, especially since this game has been under development for so many years and has almost raised $200 million.

Now I’m pretty sure that some will say that this is optional but… well… shouldn’t players have access to all ships? I know Star Citizen is different than your casual games with its premium ships but a) this is a PC exclusive game that a lot of gamers have been waiting for and if that’s the direction of a PC-focused game… God save us all and b) its current state is laughable in terms of gameplay. But hey, at least we can pilot 117 ships and pay $27000 right? Right?

Star Citizen has been under development since 2012. Cloud Imperium promises to create a really special experience but at what cost? Obviously this pack is not meant for the ordinary PC gamer but when everyone is bashing Battlefield and Call of Duty for their loot boxes, I think it’s justified to also criticize an unfinished game that is heavily focusing on making more money by implementing the free-to-play model of other games (independently selling ships and packs). It would be completely different if Star Citizen was a free to play game but it’s not.

Thanks PCGamer