Portal feature

Gameplay teaser trailer for the upcoming Portal 2: Desolation Mod

Emberspark Games is currently working on a brand new mod for Portal 2, Portal 2: Desolation. Portal 2 Desolation will feature action-packed puzzle gameplay and a new cybernetic Portal Gun called the ARM, and you can find below its first gameplay teaser trailer.

Portal 2: Desolation is a standalone fan-made Portal campaign. According to the team, the game will have a fully original story with all-new characters and original locations.

Portal 2 Desolation aims to feature 30 test chambers and 4 hours of gameplay. Emberspark Games plans to have around 36 maps, and over 35 new models. Additionally, the game will have 41 pages of dialogue and 66 dynamic music stems.

There is currently no ETA on when Portal 2: Desolation will come out. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

Portal 2: Desolation - Gameplay Teaser and Portal Gun Reveal