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The full list of Epic Games Store free December 2020 games has been leaked

Two days ago, a list for all of Epic Games Store’s free December 2020 games was leaked online. Instead of sharing it with you, I’ve decided to wait a day in order to see whether the next free game would match with the one from that list. And now, I can safely say that this new list is legit.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the free games that Epic Games is giving away.

  • Cities: Skylines – December 17th
  • Oddworld: New n Tasty – December 18th
  • The Long Dark – December 19th
  • Defense Grid 1 – December 20th
  • Alien: Isolation – December 21st
  • Metro 2033 (Original or Redux version) – December 22nd
  • Tropico 5 – December 23rd
  • Inside – December 24th
  • Darkest Dungeon – December 25th
  • My Time in Portia – December 26th
  • Night in the Woods – December 27th
  • Stranded Deep – December 28th
  • Solitairica – December 29th
  • Torchlight II – December 30th
  • Jurassic World Evolution – December 31st

This real list does not contain the mega bombs that a fake list featured (that fake list was making the rounds earlier last week). Still, this is what you’ll be getting.

As this list indicated, Defense Grid 1 was yesterday’s free game and it was spot on. You can acquire your free copy for Defense Grid: The Awakening from here.

Lastly, we’ll be covering only the “big” free games from that list. So yeah, expect a brand new article about Alien Isolation in a few hours.