From Dust will also require a permanent internet connection

Seems that PC gamers will have to get used to Ubisoft’s online DRM yet again. Earlier today we’ve informed you that Driver: San Francisco will require a permanent internet connection. Well, get ready because the much anticipated God game, From Dust, will also use this always-online DRM. Yeap, you read that right. From Dust will require a permanent internet connection.
This has just been confirmed and is listed in the game’s Steam Page. Under its details, we can see that the game features Ubisoft’s Online Service as a 3rd party requirement.
Moreover, GetGamesGo‘s  box art states that the game needs a permanent internet connection. And in case – for whatever reason – you didn’t trust them, GreenManGaming has information that the game will require high speed internet access to play online. Here is the catch however, the game doesn’t support any kind of MP mode so why did they include such information?
There is a possibility that GreenManGaming has simply included the ‘general information’ about Ubisoft’s DRM but from what we have gathered so far, it is likely that From Dust will actually use this always-online DRM. We’ve contacted Ubisoft and are waiting for an official answer.
From Dust is scheduled for an August 17th release on the PC.