Frictional Games teases new information about its secret project; Amnesia sold one million copies

Great news for horror fans as Frictional Games’ indie horror FPS, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has sold over one million copies. In a blog update at the company’s official website, Frictional Games’ Thomas, has revealed that Amnesia has sold – in total – around 1.4 million copies. This number included the sales that were made via HIB and the Potato Sack. Excluding them – and being optimistic – this number goes down to one million sold copies for this indie company. Hooray.
As Thomas said:
“Adding all HIB and Potato Sack sales gets us to 1 360 00 units in total, which can be called the optimistic figure. This means that, optimistically speaking, Amnesia has sold almost 1.4 million units! This reasoning is not strictly speaking invalid, but I think that one should not really count anyone that bought the bundle and already owned Amnesia as a proper unit. A slightly pessimistic guess (not far from reality I think) is that 2/3 of every bundle and pack buyer already owned Amnesia. This gives us about 920 000 units in total, pessimistically speaking. So saying that we have sold a million units seems fair. Wait… a million units! Oh shit!!”
Thomas has also stated that Amnesia’s mods have boosted the game’s monthly sales. According to Thomas, there have been over 176 custom stories that have – obviously – played a large role in keeping Amnesia’s monthly sales up. Thomas then concluded that ‘allowing users to create content is a feature worth putting time into.’
Frictional Games has also revealed some new information about its super secret project. This new project will be a horror game and will be played from a first person perspective. Thomas did not want to reveal more about it, but promised that it will deliver ‘deeper themes’ and that they will create a very special experience, creating horror in a much more disturbing way. This new game is planned for a 2014 release, so we have plenty of time until we hear – and see – more about it.