Fotonica is a unique one button first-person free running piece of art

Santa Ragione announced today that their first-person, one-button, free-running game, Fotonica, is finally complete and available for download at its Official Website. And get this right, the game will cost you as much as you want. And if you are unfamiliar with it, you can view a trailer to enjoy and appreciate its unique art style after the jump.
According to its press release, Fotonica is a first person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery. The key is timing, the goal is exploring and traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract – mainly duotone – outlined world, with a look referring to the geometrical abstractions from the 50s a the 3D low-poly gaming era.
The game features 5 levels to explore and an endless procedurally generated level, two players split-screen, 10 achievements to unlock, cross platform online rankings and new high quality audio tracks.
Fotonica is DRM-free and is currently available on both PC and Mac.
Enjoy the trailer!

FOTONICA from Santa Ragione on Vimeo.