Forza Horizon 4 to be present at E3 2018

Fernanda Delgado, head of Xbox in Spain and Portugal, confirmed to Gamereactor that the next Forza Horizon game, which most likely be called Forza Horizon 4, will be present at E3 2018. Delgado did not reveal anything other than that, except that we will also learn the game’s location at that event.

As Delgado told Gamereactor:

“There have been many speculations about where the next Forza Horizon will be and that is what we will tell later at E3”

Forza Horizon is an open world racing series and its previous part, Forza Horizon 3, came out in 2016. The game had major optimization issues on the PC, however, Playground Games and Turn10 were able to resolve these issues. Here is hoping that Forza Horizon 4 will not be plagued by such issues at its launch.

Stay tuned for more!