Former Creative Director of Gears of War: Judgment calls next-gen console launch titles ‘generic’

Gears of War Judgement

Interesting stuff right here everyone. Adrian Chmielarz, former Creative Director at People Can Fly (who was responsible for Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm and Painkiller) claimed that PC gamers do not have to worry about the launch titles of both Xbox One and PS4.

As Adrian claimed a couple of hours ago, the launch titles for both Xbox One and PS4 are nothing to write home about. In fact, Adrian described both Killzone and Ryse as generic titles that have nothing really special to offer.

adrian no1

Adrian decided to go one step further. Adrian described Condemned and Resistance as some truly amazing launch titles that stood out when X360 and PS3 launched. Adrian was crystal clear about what disappointed him – it was not the visuals that put him off but rather the actual gameplay of those titles that felt similar to what we’ve been getting this whole time. Furthermore, Adrian said that PC gamers do not have to worry about anything as there is nothing¬†interesting this time around if you have a PC.

adrian no2

We’re not taking sides on this, however we have to question ourselves; why exactly Adrian considers Resistance a better launch title than Killzone? Condemned was truly amazing and packed a unique experience. Yes, Condemned was a really interesting launch title. But Resistance?

All in all, though, it seems that there is a number of developers that is not impressed by what is coming – at launch – on the next-gen console titles. And that says a lot in our opinion.