Following Walmart’s “leak”, Pete Hines and official RAGE account share interesting tweets about RAGE 2

A few hours ago, we informed you about some “leaked” games that were listed for pre-order by Walmart Canada. The one that caught us off guard was the sequel to id Software’s open-world game, RAGE. Fast forward a couple of hours and here we are with some really weird tweets from both the official RAGE account, as well as Pete Hines.

Let’s start with the official RAGE account. After years of hibernation, RAGE’s Twitter account was brought back to life. RAGE tweeted RAGE 2’s listing from Walmart, pointing out all the wrong details about it. Now this could be a prank, however it’s interesting to note that the official RAGE account did not dismiss the rumour of a new RAGE game.

Next we have Bethesda’s Pete Hines, who claimed that due to Walmart’s leak gamers can’t have nice things. From the looks of it, and given the fact that Pete Hines has never commented on rumours, this could very well be a confirmation of RAGE 2. It also appears that Pete Hines was keeping this – RAGE 2 – as a big surprise for Bethesda’s E3 show that has been spoiled by Walmart. Again, this appears fishy so we’ll have to wait until Bethesda’s E3 show.

The official account for Bethesda also responded to the tweet from the official RAGE account with a simple “Dude”.

All in all, it appears that Bethesda is either a) confirming the existence of RAGE 2 or b) capitalising on this listing for some extra exposure.