Flashback Remake Now Available On The PC


Ubisoft announced that Flashback, remake of the iconic 1992 title, is now available on PC, and will be available tomorrow on Playstation Network for £7.99. On Playstation Network, PS plus members will benefit from a 20% discount. Flashback is also available on Xbox Live Arcade.

As the press release reads, the original Core-Team revamped their own creation, leveraging the best of today’s technology while remaining true to the classic side-scroller that set the standards of the genre in the 90’s. Or at least that’s what the teamed aimed for.

In addition to the updated version of the game, the original Flashback will be included so players can play the original game that started it all. Everyone can now discover the re-imaged cult classic hit as well as the original game you may have missed.


Flashback -- Story Trailer Pc digital_PSN [UK]