Watch Dogs feature 3

The first Watch_Dogs is available for free on UPLAY until November 13th, and here is a list of graphics mods to use

Now here is a pleasant surprise. Ubisoft is giving away free copies of the first Watch_Dogs game on UPLAY. This free giveaway will last until November 13th, meaning that you have a whole week in order to acquire your free copy.

All you have to do is login or sign up to UPLAY in order to get a free copy of Watch_Dogs on PC. Do note that this is not a free to play weekend. This is a free giveaway, meaning that those who acquire their copies will be able to keep and play the game for ever.

Watch_Dogs was one of the games that was severely downgraded when it came out. The game, visually, looked nowhere as good as its E3 showcase. Thankfully, modders were able to improve the game’s visuals, however some features – like the big explosions – never found their way on the final build.

Still, and since Ubisoft is now giving it away for free, we strongly suggest using the “Natural & Realistic” mod. This mod includes most features from the original TheWorse mod, such as depth of field, textures by MaLDo, headlight shadows, relief mapping and more. You can download this mod from here.

Furthermore, PC gamers can use other mods like the E3 2012 Anamorphic Lens-Flares Mod (that brings anamorphic lens-flares similar to those of the E3 2012 demo to the game), TheWorse Mod or the Enhanced Reality Mod.

Have fun everyone!