Tribe Primitive Builder feature

First screenshots & in-game teaser trailer for Tribe: Primitive Builder

Polyslash has released the first screenshots and in-game teaser trailer for Tribe: Primitive Builder. Tribe: Primitive Builder is a survival game with crafting mechanics in which you become an architect in the primitive times and help your tribe thrive and expand.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Explore – Become an architect in primitive times and help your tribe thrive and expand. As the voice of the elders, your job is to explore the island in search of everything that would help you and your tribe survive. Collect wood, stone, mud, and even leaves. Use the environment to your advantage or perish like many civilizations before you. Whatever you do, plan what to do next.
  • Construct – The island is your canvas. With the use of the resources you gather, you can construct buildings that provide shelter, food, and jobs for your tribe. Upgrade your techniques and use advanced materials to create more durable and larger buildings.
  • Earn a reputation – Follow the guidance of the elders. Complete tasks and earn the tribe’s trust or face its wrath. If you are to lead the tribe then they need to trust you. Make sure their needs are not forgotten, and they in return will help you with what they can.
  • Craft tools – As the architect, you are only as strong as the tools you use. Create your own set of tools to use and conquer the wilds with them. Hammers, shovels, pickaxes and others will help you construct buildings while exploration gear will help you reach parts of the isle that were inaccessible before.
  • Expand – Grow your village. You control how fast the tribe expands and you must take care of their needs. For instance, if you expand too fast you’ll find yourself starving.

Tribe: Primitive Builder will be coming to Steam later this year!

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Tribe: Primitive Builder motion trailer