First proper gameplay footage for World War 3 coming this Monday, August 20th

The Farm 51 has announced that the first proper gameplay footage for World War 3 will be revealed this Monday, August 20th. The team did not reveal any particular time and we are pretty sure that it won’t be linked to NVIDIA’s upcoming pre-Gamescom 2018 event (in which the green team will reveal its new graphics cards).

As we’ve already stated, World War 3 will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will support up to 64 players in a match. The game will also have its unique Battle Royale mode, called Recon. According to the developers, Recon won’t be like Rush at all as they have taken some features of a standard BR mode that fit its gameplay and as a result of that there’s currently no BR game similar to Recon.

From what we’ve seen so far World War 3 feels like a game inspired by the Battlefield games (though it may be more realistic than DICE’s offering). And since the new Battlefield game will not be set in modern times, World War 3 may fill that gap.

Here is hoping that World War 3 won’t be a re-skin of Battlefield!