First patch and free content available now for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

CI Games has released the first patch and some new free content for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. The free DLC packs consist of the Summer’s Nostalgia and Positive Vibes Weapon Skin Packs (8 different skins in total). Moreover, the KELL-T 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun is also available now in the game.

On the other hand, the first patch for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts fixes a number of crashes. Furthermore, it turns off fast travel while there is active bounty, and it improves mouse pointer in menu. It also fixes ambient audio after hiding in box.

This first patch also adds loot marker on bounty body and pop-up info when you see jammer for the first time. It also enables grass vegetation pierceability, something that will definitely please a number of players.

As always, Steam will download this new free content and patch for the game. Below you can also find the complete changelog for this first update.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts First Patch Release Notes


? Fixed – Random Crash on AI path finder.
? Fixed – Random crash in AI behavior tree.
? Fixed – Random crash on C4 detonation.
? Fixed – The silencer sound bug on the Soris T50. The silencer works but the sound is still loud like when unsilenced.
? Fixed – Collectibles should be visible on map.
? Fixed – Scope zeroing after loading checkpoint – elevation is reset to 0.
? Fixed – Attachments description for BLOWER
? Fixed – Attachments description for STURM – PRECISION
? Fixed – Attachments description for XCR 700
? Fixed – Attachments description for SORIS T50
? Fixed – Attachments description for OFB SVD
? Fixed – Attachments description for RB 82
? Fixed – Attachments description for ESR 2020
? Fixed – Attachments description for KSV 2020
? Fixed – Attachments description for EMS SR 25
? Fixed – Attachments description for GASTON 21
? Fixed – Attachments description for GUSS M9
? Fixed – Attachments description for ROTWEIL M23
? Fixed – Scopes description for HUB-93
? Fixed – Scopes description for HJ 7.62
? Fixed – Scopes description for SV – AMUR
? Improved – Fast travel turn off while there is active bounty.
? Improved – Mouse pointer in menu.
? Fixed – 100% competition on each map. Bounties does not register after restart.
? Fixed – Ambient audio after hiding in box.
? Improved – Added loot marker on bounty body.
? Improved – Added pop-up info when you see jammer for the first time.
? Improved – New / changed localization strings.
? Improved – Grass vegetation pierceability.
? Fixed – Issue with counting contract points for completing challenges.
? Gadgets capacity change after throwing stone was fixed.
? Improved – Minor fixes on maps where player could stuck.
? We added information about saving loadout during gameplay.
? We added “T” and “F” button for “binoculars” and “use gadgets” in keyboard settings.

Altai Mountains

? Fixed – Issue with laptop on Altai Mountains used to hack drones appear highlighted in scout mode after drones have already been hacked or destroyed.
? Improved – Fast travel point in Altai Mountains.

Kolchak Harbor

? Fixed issue with spawning near to AI after save after killing target on Kolchak Harbor.
? Moved save trigger on Kolchak Harbor map farther from enemy AI.
? Fixed – A bug with repeating dialogue in canal outpost.
? Fixed – Issue with laptops on Kolchak Harbor used to hack turrets appear highlighted in scout mode after turrets have already been hacked or destroyed.
? Fixed – NPC pathing issues in canals area on Kolchak Harbor.
? Removed faulty ex-nav from track vehicle in Containers area on Kolchak Harbor.
? Solved – Issue with bounty on Kolchak Harbor map which was falling to the water after kill.
? Removed – Unnecessary navmesh around destroyable vehicles throughout the map on Kolchak Harbor.
? Pair of guards in Containers on Kolchak Harbor area will no longer split during their patrol.
? Two guards of target bounty, under bridge on Kolchak Harbor, will now properly conduct their patrols.
? Some NPCs in Warehouses area will no longer spawn / de-spawn when player is inside the Icebreaker on Kolchak Harbor.
? GAZ in Warehouses on Kolchak Harbor area will no longer be permanently occupied by gunner – instead when no alarm gunner walks around it and can be shoot.

Beketov Valley

? Fixed – Problem with disappearing AI on vn Beketov Valley while looking on villa building.

Arakcheyev Fortres

? Antanasia on Arakcheyev Fortres will no longer stuck during one of her patrol routes.
? Fixed – Arakcheyev Fortress region challenge – Misleading description now its correct – The player has to kill 5 enemies.

Sibirskaya – 7 junction

? Invisible ladders removed from train wagons.
? Fixed – Issue with some cables hanging in the air.
? Fixed problem that sometimes NPCs are walking into geometry endlessly in Underground area.
? Ziplines will no longer cause player to fall down from the train wagon.
? One of the ziplines from Dam area made higher to prevent possibility of player falling down at the end.
? Added – Missing strategic points info on the map.
? Truck on HQ was moved to different position which prevents physics issues.
? Extreme navigations corrected on one of the side-entrances to HQ.
? Fixed – Issue with player being able to hang endlessly after climbing the train cart in valley next to the starting area.
? Radio station used to lure target / alert outpost is now visible in scout mode.
? Various fixes to vegetation clipping and terrain texture stretching.