No Mans Sky Beyond feature

First mods released for No Man’s Sky Beyond; grass, effects, underwater buildings, HD clouds & more

Hello Games has released the BEYOND update for No Man’s Sky, and the first mods have surfaced for it. As such, today we are presenting you six mods that improve the game’s visuals and bring some gameplay tweaks.

The first mod, called Effects Overhaul, increases the amount of particles and debris spawned during combat and mining. The modder has also added some flying debris for Monstrosity deaths as well.

The second mod, called HD Clouds, is an overhauled atmospheric cloud texture based on Scooterbaga ‘s HD Clouds mod 4K texture. The third mod, Grass Fix, makes grass spawn in full density on slopes. Furthermore, it makes Exotic Lush worlds use the “Lush” color palette instead of “Base”.

The fourth mod, Small Cursor, changes cursor size to something a little more adapted to PC. The fifth mod, Fast Actions, provides quicker inputs for various functionalities such as menu selection, creating/dismantling technology, transferring resources to/from ship, entering ship, discussing with NPC and more.

Last but not least, the most exciting mod is the one called “Build underwater buildings anywhere“. This mod removes underwater restrictions for underwater base building options. Thanks to this mod, players will be able to build underwater items anywhere, even on dry land.

Have fun!