First Male and Female Nude Mods Released for CODE VEIN

Aaaaand we all saw that coming from miles away. CODE VEIN is a new anime action RPG that is heavily inspired by Dark Souls, featuring some busty female characters. And the first male and female nude mods for it have just been released.

The male nude mod replaces clothing 1 – 6, whereas the female nude mod replaces outfit #5. You can change your outfit at any time by interacting with the mirror next to the bath tub in home base.

Since these mods are NSFW, we won’t be directly linking to them. Still, you can find them on CODE VEIN’s NexusMods page. All you have to do is login, enable Adult Content, and search for them. Right now there aren’t a lot of mods for CODE VEIN so you can easily find them.

Moreover, there is another mod that removes the pants from clothing option #5 for females. This is a sexy outfit without any nudity, something that might interest a number of players.

In order to install these mods, you’ll have to create a “mods” folder in your CODE VEIN directory. Then, you’ll simply have to extract the files from the rar archives to them. And that’s it, the mods should automatically work. You can then uninstall the mod you don’t want by simply deleting its .pak file.

Have fun!