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First details and concept art leaked for Monolith’s Wonder Woman

It appears that the first details and concept art for Monolith’s Wonder Woman game have been leaked online. These were included in an online marketing survey for Wonder Woman, meaning that they are legit. So, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

The game will take place in Themyscira. As Wonder Woman, players will have to return to their home and fight the powerful sorceress Circe and her army. Additionally, players will have to repair their relationship with their mother, Queen Hippolyta, and their fellow Amazons.

Players will be able to use their godlike strength to defeat their enemies. The game promises to have a fast-paced free-flow combat system with devastating combos. This free-flow combat system will please all Batman: Arkham fans who were disappointed by Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Players will also get their hands on powerful weapons. And yes, that includes the Lasso of Truth.

The Wonder Woman game will have the Nemesis system which we saw in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. This means your enemies will remember what you do and will react based on their own thoughts and beliefs. Again, this is another feature that will please a lot of gamers.

Basically, the description makes it feel like Shadow of War in the DC universe. This is a good thing as a lot of gamers loved Shadow of War. Well, excluding its awful micro-transactions and the way Warner Bros tried to monetize it. So, let’s hope that WB learned from that mistake.

There is currently no ETA on when this Wonder Woman game will come out. Still, the concept art and the description make it seem interesting. The fact that it will take place in Themyscira is also a big plus. I don’t know whether its story will be worth it, but gameplay-wise, I believe it will be a game that will please a lot of Batman: Arkham and Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War fans.

If the devs stick to what they know best, this could turn out to be a pretty solid third-person action game. It’s funny because this has the potential to be a big hit. I’m not a Wonder Woman fan but I like everything I’ve read in that description. So, here is hoping that Monolith will not drop the ball.

Stay tuned for more!


Warner Bros has issued a DMCA for the concept art, confirming that they are real. As such, we’ve removed the images from this article. However, you can find these images on X/Twitter as they haven’t been taken down from there yet.