Final Fantasy XV – Pre-Beta Build Already Running On The PC, Playable From Beginning To End

It appears that a PC version of Final Fantasy XV is already up and running, according to Final Fantasy XV Programmer Satoshi Kitade. As Kitade wrote on the official forum, Final Fantasy XV’s pre-beta build is running on the PC and is fully playable, from beginning to end.


Now while this does not mean that Final Fantasy XV is confirmed for the PC, it gives us hope for such a thing. After all, and given the fact that pretty much all FF games are available on the PC, Square Enix will have to be crazy to have a semi-working version of Final Fantasy XV for the PC and not release it.

As we’ve already said, our guess is that Final Fantasy XV will hit the PC after the its release on consoles. Something that is also hinted by Director Hajime Tabata. As Tabata told Dualshockers, Square Enix will consider releasing Final Fantasy XV on the PC after the game’s launch on consoles.

Whether it will take Square Enix a year or a couple of months remains to be seen.