Final Fantasy XV may get real-time ray tracing support for reflections

In a brief interview with WCCFTech, Takeshi Aramaki, Technical Director and Lead Programmer on FINAL FANTASY XV at Square Enix, revealed that the team is looking into implementing real-time ray tracing effects to the game.

As Aramaki said, Square Enix is currently looking into the
possibility of using raytracing to depict reflections in Final Fantasy XV.

“Ray tracing is a technology that we’re tackling with much interest, and we’re now looking into the possibility of using raytracing to depict reflections in FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION. I believe it’s possible to integrate raytracing into the game engine later and use it to express certain in-game elements.”

Aramaki has also revealed some additional new information about the DLSS support that will be shortly coming to Final Fantasy XV. From the looks of it, DLSS will remove the blurry side-effects that come with TAA (although the resolution will not be as ideal as when running a game at native 4K).

“The resolution of the texture reduces partially at times, but polygon edges are much cleaner and we’ve been able to realize blur reductions. The performance significantly increases with the 4K resolution and the framerate also shows a substantial improvement.”

Unfortunately, Aramaki did not reveal when DLSS and the Vulkan API will be made available to Final Fantasy XV!