FIFA 12 – Gameplay Evolution 5.1 Mod comes with increased realism, better AI, Winter transfer update

Here is something special to all our soccer fans. Doctor+ Productions have released a must-have mod for Fifa 12, called ‘FIFA 12 – Gameplay Evolution’. The latest 5.1 version of this mod comes with complete EA Winter transfer update for all leagues/teams, accurate teams line up, custom formations, and updated players (physical aspect and technical. In addition, the mod features increased game realism/playing time, new, and improved AI counter attack advanced system, new, improved and realistic players collision, realistic shoot power/ball control/ball touch, increased AI fouls, cards and long shoots, as well as improved and realistic goalkeepers.
Furthermore, Gameplay Evolution sports new attack and defending style for team and players, new, visible and realistic pressing and aggression style, increased players reactions on card or on collision, realistic gameplay/passing speed (match become slow or fast depends on the situation during the game and teams in field), and realistic and improved skillmoves and special dribbling for best players.
To put it simply, this is a must-have mod for all Fifa 12 fans and we highly recommend it. Those interested can download it from here.